The Story so far…

Ivo, Jasper, Josh & Robbie

Tuk South is three Kenyans, an Englishman and two bespoke 8HP tuk tuks. Their mission is to travel around 6000 km, from Mount Kenya on the equator, to Cape Town – raising funds for wildlife Rangers, uncovering stories and telling them on film along the way. The intrepid tuk tuks have so far made their way through Kenya, skirting around Mt Kilimanjaro and they are now on the second leg of an epic adventure, in Tanzania.

You can catch up on their adventures so far here:

Despite their lack of speed, as well as brimming with character, the tuk tuks have already proved themselves to be both tough and resilient. They have negotiated remote mountain tracks, flash floods and the unique experience of being nuzzled at night by a curious herd of elephants in the savannah of the Tsavo National Park.

Meanwhile the boys have refined their skills as mechanics, cooks ( Tuk Kitchen is the ultimate accessory! ) and camera operators, encountered some incredible people and taken in the majesty and solitude of some of Africa’s great wildernesses. It’s an important journey at a unique time. We would love you to follow Tuk South on the adventure, be part of the expedition with us and contribute to the For Rangers charity through the link:

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